The Trust seeks donations from socially minded persons, who believe in working for an inclusive and just society that makes no distinction between people based on colour, creed, caste, language, religion, race or nationality.

Donations to the Trust are exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of Republic of India as per Letter No DIT(E)/ITO(TECH)/80G/98/2010-11 of August 24, 2010 from Office of the Director of Income Tax (Exemption). Mumbai

Presently, the Trust can accept donations only in Indian Rupees. Online payments can be made only by Indian cards (credit/debit), net banking facilities of Indian Bank accounts.

Donations by nature are not non-refundable.

Persons wishing to contribute to the cause in foreign currency/ cards issued outside India, net banking facilities of Bank accounts other than those in India, may please contact us on / + 91 94 239 93 201. Such contributions will not qualify for any tax exemption in India

Details of Donations

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