About Dr Pankaj Kumudchandra Phadnis

In 1980, Pankaj K Phadnis, son of a District Judge and a school teacher-left Sikh Mohalla, Indore (India)– a lower middle class but highly educated locality, with nothing more than a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering from SGSITS, a premier engineering college.He went on to excel at the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, where he obtained Masters degree in Management in 1990 as a Dean’s Lister right through the multi-national program.

In the middle of a successful career in the unforgiving corporate world, in 1996, he happened to rent the flat where VinayakDamodarSavarkar once lived. This was to prove to be a life changing event for him. Savarkar(1883-1966) had spent 27 years of his life in prison (1910-1937) as fought to freeIndia from colonial shackles. As a practioner of Realpolitik, he was opposed to utopian no- violent struggle championed by Mahatma Gandhi. When Gandhi was murdered (1948) by a follower of Savarkar, the stigma haunted Savarkar for his life and beyond.Pankaj Phadnis, like countless others believed that Savarkar was wronged. Unlike others, he sought to undo the wrong.

This was the start of his first project “War for Truth”. In the process, he ended up writing five books – which challenge accepted wisdom about Indian history, for which the Government of India, has no answers.In 2002, he co-founded Abhinav Bharat as a public charitable trust with his wife – Manjiri,  a renowned Yoga Teacherand their close family friend MeenaPrabhu, a Senior Corporate Executive. Another close friend Madhumita Bal,  a Chartered Accountant joined the Trust as a Trustee in 2007.

By 2008, Phadniswasin the top management echelons of a large Indian Industrial house. He then initiated “Project Light”, by starting Ph.D. work on “Designing and Implementing IT Enabled Strategic Management Systems for Universalizing Primary Education”in  University of Mumbai.It also involved moving out of the comfort zone of a steady job into the exciting but uncertain world of entrepreneurship. The company – Abhinav Knowledge Services - that he founded focuses on application of cutting edge Information Technologies to implementation of Corporate Strategy and handling multi-disciplinary projects. It has now become a world leader in Technology Enabled Learning. The ownership structure of the company is unique in restricting shareholding to women, who also constitute majority on Board of Directors. Madhumita and Dr.AshwiniSandu, another friend from Ph.d. days serve on the Board.

After earning his Ph.D in 2012, Dr.Phadnis embarked on his third project “Sparking a Million Mutinies” during research at the Southern University, Louisiana USA. His focus was “Use of Information Technology to Facilitate Peaceful Indo-Pak Relations to Promote Global Prosperity" The project resulted in a unique digital literacy course that uses UN Millennium Development Goals to impart social and collaborative skills across political and geographical boundaries.

By 2014 – Dr Phadnis came to a considered conclusion that the tearing apart of multi-religious society in Indian Sub-continent in 1947 amidst unprecedented savagery continues to fuel global terror today, which could any day escalate into Nuclear Armageddon. To him, the answer is revival of the Grand Gandhi Jinnah of People to People contact between India and Pakistan – by a combination of uncovering Truth behind the demonic events of 1946-48 and collaborative education for children across borders by innovative use of technology.

In 2016 – he is in the middle of fighting a legal battle using the unique Indian Judicial instrument – Public Interest Litigation, to expose the true murders of Gandhi and finally exonerate Savarkar from false allegations.

His forthcoming book  “The Shroud of Gandhi and the Satanic Force” will expose how Force 136 - a secret sinister War time agency of the British crown, orchestrated the savage riots of 1946-48,as also had Gandhi murdered, to protect the British export industry.

His mission for the last phase of his life is to complete - War for Truth, Project Light and Sparking a Million Mutinies. He hopes that this will contribute significantly to ending global terror and facilitate attainment of UN Millennium Development Goals, the world over. He counts on support of the Global community, particularly his network of Pan Asianfriends from the days of Asian Institute of Management. Manila and colleagues from the Southern University Louisiana, USA with deep connections to Africa- to make this happen.